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Appointment management made easy!

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BookMe is South Africa's leading online appointment management system

Launched in 2006, BookMe is used by hundreds of service providers across across South Africa to manage booking of their time ... as well as booking of rooms, equipment, facilities and group events.


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Designed for the medical, health, fitness and wellness industries

BookMe was designed and developed by an allied health practitioner specifically to help professionals in the medical, health, fitness and wellness industries.

Based on real practical understanding of what these professionals need, BookMe has a wide range of functionaility and features which enable easy and highly effective appointment menagement.

Features include ...


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  • One or more online schedules
  • Easy appointment booking for you
  • Option to allow your customers to book online ... with a simple booking wizard
  • Option to have a link from your own website
  • Automatic appointment confirmations - by email and SMS
  • Simple way for you to update or cancel ay appointment
  • Holds details of all appointments - past and future
  • Simple way to retrieve information about any customer or appointment
  • Automatic appointment reminders sent to customers - email or SMS
  • Your own customer database
  • Available from any internet connection
  • Fully backed-up and fully secure
  • Supports multi-location and multi-disciplinary businesses


Our contact details are as follows:

Telephone: 0861 2665 63
Cell: 083 2626 489
Facsimile: 088 021 979 49303
Office hours:
Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm (GMT + 2)

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